Musician Closeup: Charlie Faye

January 31, 2012

“I always want it to be an adventure” Charlie Faye told me over coffee a few weeks ago.  And Charlie’s career in music has been that, starting when she picked up a a guitar during her senior year in college.

Charlie now has three CDs under her belt, the latest one being Travels with Charlie.  TWC was born out of Charlie’s 10 month trip in 2010, during which she stayed in each of 10 cities for a month, and while there, put a band together, played some shows and recorded a song.  As I mentioned when I picked TWC as one of the Best Records of 2011, the songs on this record are a diverse lot, ranging from Americana, Country, Alt Country and even a few 60s pop infused songs.

Although radio was originally slow to catch onto TWC, it has started moving up the Americana radio chart.  But at the time this post is being written, it is sitting up at number 14, right between Wilco and Tom Waits, not bad company at all.

Charlie has also been involved in the fight for affordable housing for the music community in her adopted hometown of Austin, Texas.  Charlie’s community of small, affordable cottages on Wilson Street in South Austin, where she lived since moving from her native New York City in 2008, was torn down last month after a long battle to save them.  Now Charlie is working with others to create a Wilson Street like community in East Austin.  Charlie believes that East Austin is where future affordable housing will be found.

Recently Charlie co-wrote a song with Now I’ve Heard Everything favorites The Mastersons.  That song will soon be released as a single in Australia, which Charlie is looking to visit.  And beyond that, Charlie would like to do an international version of her US 10 city tour.  It seems certain that Charlie’s adventure will continue.

Update: Travels with Charlie made it to #12 for the week o f January 30.

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