Music Video: Borns – Electric Love (Live)

May 31, 2016

Borns w Misty Boyce Electric Love Live MTV Austin

Late last year, Borns released this song, Electric Love.  WFUV and KCRW played it.  It’s a nice piece of dream pop.  Here’s a live version of that song, recorded by MTV earlier this year at the MTV Woodie Awards at SXSW.  Playing keyboards and singing backing vocals is Now I’ve Heard Everything favorite Misty Boyce (who you’ll be able to see on the right).

News and Notes

April 19, 2016

Misty Coachella crop 2 exp

Misty Boyce has been on the road  since September playing keys and singing backup with Borns.  But she has a few days off the road and will be playing two free Concert Window shows.  These shows will be on each of the next two Wednesdays, April 20th and April 27th.  The first show will start at 9:30pm Eastern Time; the following show will be earlier, at 6:30pm.  All you need do to see these shows is click this link.

Update: Misty’s second Concert Window show has been moved to Tuesday April 26th.  The time remains the same, 6:30pm Eastern Time.

Update:  The time for tonight’s Concert Window show has now been changed to 9:30pm ET.  The link above will take you there.

Cmon Everybody

C’mon Everybody is a bar and music venue on Franklin Avenue in Bed-Sty.  I’ve been to a couple of shows there and it’s a nice place.  But it is having a problem and is asking for monetary help via a Go Fund Me campaign.  Here’s what’s going on according to the owners:

We’re having a serious sound bleed problem, and we need your help.

Less than one year into the life of the space, we are still rebounding from the enormous cost of our build out and start up. Our neighbors have been very patient as we’ve worked toward gathering the funds necessary for improving our soundproofing, but time is running out.

This is where we need your help. We are asking you, our friends and patrons, to help us reach our goal and solve this problem, so that we can continue hosting, and giving a home to, the amazing talent that we believe in so much.

If you are interested in finding out more about this campaign or contributing to it, click here.

News and Notes

April 6, 2016

Kathleen Edwards at Webster Hall

As I noted here two years ago, Kathleen Edwards left music to run a coffee shop in the suburbs of her home city of Ottawa.  Two tweets last week point to that changing.  On March 31, Kathleen tweeted the following to Dawes:

ok sooooooo thoughts on being the band for my next recording? not joking

And shortly thereafter, Dawes replied

 We would love that. Not joking. Just tell us when and where

See You Around

Long time Now I’ve Heard Everything favorite Misty Boyce has branched out.  She has worked on the scoring of a short film, See You Around, as well as contributing one of her songs to the movie.  See You Around can currently be viewed at Short of the Week.  I’ll add that the film (the photo above is from it), was written and directed by Oren Brimer, is funny, touching and has some fine performances in it.


SXSW 2016: Some NIHE Favorites Playing SXSW This Week

March 15, 2016


I’ve made my way to Texas for SXSW, so Now I’ve Heard Everything changes location this week to Austin.  So have some NIHE favorites.  Here is an  list of some of those bands and musicians who will be playing in and around SXSW and the times and places they will be playing.  At least those places and times I could find.  Schedules seem to have appeared later than usual this year and times at some venues have still not shown up.

Alberta Cross
Mar. 16 – Bungalow – 9pm

Mar. 16 – Threadgill’s – 2pm
Mar. 16 – Guero’s – 6:20pm

Borns (with Misty Boyce playing keys and backing vox)
Mar. 16 – Waterloo Records – 1pm
Mar. 16 – Clive Bar – 12midnight
Mar. 18 – Key Bar – Mix 94.7 – 1:30pm
Mar. 19 – KGSR at W Hotel – 12noon

Carrie Rodriguez
Mar. 17 – The Majestic – 8pm

Charles Bradley and His Extraodinaires
Mar. 16 – Stubb’s – 7:30pm
Mar. 17 – Bar 96 – 9pm
Mar. 19 – The Gatsby – 10pm

Charlie Faye and The Fayettes
Mar. 15 – Sidewinder Outside – 9pm
Mar. 17 – Austin Convention Center – 4:45pm
Mar. 19 – Threadgill’s – 1:30pm
Mar. 19 – Saxon Pub – 8pm

Mar. 15 – Empire Control Room – 11pm
Mar. 16 – St. David’s – 8pm

Corb Lund
Mar. 17 – Broken Spoke – 1:30pmMar.  17 – Threadgill’s – 4:20pm
Mar. 17 – Maria’s Taco Xpress – 6:30pm
Mar. 18 – Gibson Room – 12midnight

Mar. 17 – The Driskill – 11pm

Eli “Paperboy” Reed
Mar. 17 – The Continental – 11pm
Mar. 17 – Empire Control Room – Time TBD

Freedy Johnston
Mar. 16 – Lucy’s Fried Chicken – 4pm

Gurf Morlix
Mar. 15 – Saxon Pub – 9:30pm

Hayes Carll
Mar. 17 – The Gatsby – 11pm
Mar. 17 – South by San Jose – TBD
Mar. 18 – KGSR at W Hotel – 10am
Mar. 19 – KUTX at Four Seasons – 10am

Iggy Pop
Mar. 16 – ACL at Moody – 9pm

Jess Klein
Mar. 17 – Snack Bar – 3pm

Jon Dee Graham
Mar. 19 – The Continental – 9pm

John Doe
Mar. 17 – The Main II – 9pm
Mar. 18 – KUTX at Four Seasons – 10am
Mar. 19 – Lucy’s Fried Chicken – 6pm

Kelley Mickwee
Mar. 19 – South by San Jose – TBD

Kelley Mickwee and Jamie Wilson
Mar. 19 – Threadgill’s – 1pm

Kinky Friedman
Mar. 19 – Threadgill’s – 4pm

Lydia Loveless
Mar. 16 – The Continental – 12midnight
Mar. 17 – The Gatsby – 4pm
Mar. 17 – South by San Jose – TBD
Mar. 18 – Yard Dog Gallery – 3:30pm

Michaela Anne
Mar. 19 – Licha’s Cantina – 8:10pm

Robbie Fulks
Mar. 16 – Swan Dive – 8pm
Mar. 17 – Broken Spoke – 1pm
Mar. 17 – The Driskill – 12midnight
Mar. 18 – Yard Dog Gallery – 1:30pm
Mar. 18 – Austin Convention Center – 5:30pm
Mar. 19 – Licha’s Cantina – 1:30pm

Rony’s Insomnia
Mar. 18 – Darwins – 12noon

Rosie Flores
Mar. 18 – Yard Dog Gallery – 12:45pm

Mar. 16 – 18th Floor Hilton Garden Inn – 12midnight
Mar. 17 – Whole Foods – 12:30pm

Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones
Mar. 18 – KGSR at W Hotel – 6am
Mar. 19 – Central Presbyterian – 8pm

Uncle Lucius
Mar. 15 – Gibson Room – 11:10pm
Mar. 18 – Threadgill’s – 3:40pm
Mar. 18 – The Dogwood – 7pm

Waco Brothers
Mar. 16 – The Continental – 1am
Mar. 17 – Broken Spoke – 12noon
Mar. 18 – Yard Dog Gallery – 6pm

News and Notes: Musicians Are Not the Only Ones Leaving New York

January 8, 2016


If you’ve been reading Now I’ve Heard Everything for a couple of years, you probably have noticed that a good number of the New York City based musicians covered here have moved out of the area.  Misty Boyce and Harper Blynn moved to Los Angeles,  Aaron Lee Tasjan and Michaela Anne moved to Nashville, and Kristin Diable moved to New Orleans.  And the list goes on.

I’ve spent some time thinking about why New York City has a musical brain drain.  I’ve also tried to come up with ideas that perhaps could minimize this outflow of talent.  I’ve been told that perhaps if we treat music business the same way we treat television and movie production, particularly by giving music related businesses tax credits, we could create incentive for musicians to stay in New York City.  I’m not sold on that idea.

But recent census data makes one thing clear: it’s not just musicians that are leaving New York; it’s everybody.  Over 650,000 people have moved from New York State to someplace else in the U.S. between mid 2010 and mid 2015.  In fact, New York State has gained population during that time only because of immigration and the number of births exceeding the number of deaths occurring here.

Therefore, the issue is not really how do you keep musicians from leaving New York.  It’s bigger than that.  The bottom line, it seems, is how do you keep New Yorkers from leaving New York.

But there is one bright spot in this data.  Not only are people leaving New York City, so are bed bugs.  According to Terminex’s list of bed bug infested cities, over the past year, Detroit is number 1, with New York City dropping from number 3 to number 15.  And to those musicians who are still thinking about moving out to the coast, note that Los Angeles is 4th on the bed bug list.

Spotify Playlist: The Best Songs of 2015

December 13, 2015

Before we leave the Best of 2015 lists, I put together a Spotify playlist with nine of the 10 Best Songs of 2015 (Monday (Every Time I Turn Around) was not available).  So if you have Spotify, just click away!

Best Songs of 2015 – Part 2

December 12, 2015

Here are the second five songs in the Now I’ve Heard Everything Best Songs of 2014 list; you’ll find the first part here.

JesseMalin New York Before the WarJesse Malin – Turn Up the Mains
If rock n roll is about transcendence and catharsis, and it is, then this song succeeds on both criteria.  Turn Up the Mains is a loud, insistent Rolling Stones type rocker that will have you moving  and probably dancing before too many seconds have gone by.  It even has a horn section on it.


Kristin Diable CreateKristin Diable – I’ll Make Time for You
This is a blend of blues, Americana, soul comes from Louisiana born and New Orleans based Kristin Diable.  It has Kristin’s inspired vocals, some great keyboard work, and multi-layered sound.  Lyrically, it sets up the rules of a new relationship “I’ll make time for you, but I will not hold you down,” obviously a lesson learned from something that happened back when.  A winning song for so many reasons.

Misty Boyce The Life CoverMisty Boyce – The Life
The Life is the title track from Misty Boyce‘s 2015 album.  Here, Misty continues her move towards more of a rock sound.  Although starting with guitar (which has become Misty’s main instrument of late), The Life quickly changes focus to keyboards and the track ends up mostly drenched in them.  Misty has a pretty expansive vocal range, and she show much of it here.  Add a very catchy melody and you have this very satisfying song.

Secret Someones AlbumSecret Someones – Only One I Want
Secret Someones tackle the sweet side of lust in this wonderful piece of power pop.  This song features soaring harmonies, booming drums, fuzzy guitars and excellent keys, all trademarks of this group.  Only One I Want is a wonderful confection to enjoy again and again.


Waterboys Modern BluesThe Waterboys – November Tale
In this song, Mike Scott tells the tale of two ex-lovers who meet again after 27 years.  One has had a religious awaking and the other is an atheist.  While in lesser hands this could just end up as a polemic or over wordy, Mike makes this awkward reunion a poignant piece of folk-rock.


Click here to view Now I’ve Heard Everything’s Best Albums of 2015.

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