Music Video: James Maddock – Never Ending

January 2, 2014

James Maddock Rockwood 12-31-13Here’s a video from the wonderful 2 hour long New Years Eve show played by James Maddock and his band (Oli Rockberger,  Aaron Comess, Teddy Kumpel and Paul Frazier) at Rockwood Stage 2.  Originally from James’ days with the band Wood back in the late 90s, this song, Never Ending, has been a staple of James’ shows for years.  This is a long version of the song.  Thanks to Unsteady Freddie, who memorialized this performance for us.

Music Video: James Maddock – The Nearest Thing to Hip

September 17, 2013

James Maddock - Nearest Thing to Hip

This song, The Nearest Thing to Hip, has always been one of my favorites when played live by James Maddock.   James and the band, Oli Rockberger, keyboards; Aaron Comess, drums; Ryan Scott, guitar; Drew Mortali, bass, played it again at their show at The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 this past Sunday, where it was captured in glorious sepia tone by UnsteadyFreddie.

The last time a video of this song surfaced was three years ago. I posted it, but there was apparently some issue surrounding the rights to the song and quickly had to remove it.  I am hopeful that whatever the issue was then has been resolved.  If not, this video will suffer that same fate, which would be a shame.

Tonight: Full Vinyl Plays Led Zeppelin at The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

January 15, 2013

Zoso Full Vinyl is the series in which musicians who play the Rockwood get together late at night and cover songs according to a theme.  As you could have probably guest from the iconic graphic above, tonight’s  theme is The Songs of Led Zeppelin.  Full Vinyl is always a fun show for the audience and the musicians.  In addition, The Rockwood usually offers a drink special or two during Full Vinyl.  A bustle in the hedgerow will probably be there as well, most likely in the whispering wind.

Tony Maceli is the ring leader and ring master of Full Vinyl.  For tonight, he has rounded up the following musicians to play and sing:

Amanda Brown, Brian Collazo, Caleb Hawley, Chrissi Poland, Colin Smith, Dean Scala, Emmy Wildwood, Greg Mayo, Jay Stolar, Jeff Tuohy, Jerry Fuentes, Josh Dion, Lelia Broussard, Raeya, Rebecca Havilland, Teddy Kumpel, Wes Hutchinson, Zach Jones

Patrick Firth, David Archer, Jason Wexler, Mitch Marcus

Alec Berlin, Andrea Longato, Andy Stack, Chris Kuffner, Greg Mayo, Jamie McLean, Jeff Litman, Jeremy Goldsmith, Jerry Fuentes, Oscar Bautista, Oscar Rodriguez, Paul Maddison, Rob Ritchie, Sergio Ortega, Steve Dawson

Ben Zwerin, Brian Killeen, Chris Kuffner, James Preston, Julia Adamy, Justin Goldner, Matt Basile, Matt Cusack, Mike Chiavaro, Phil Galitzine, Richard Hammond, Rob Calder, Rob Pawlings, Tony Maceli

Aaron Comess, Adam Christgau, Brian Griffin, Elliot Jacobson, Jake Cohen, Jamie Alegre, Kenny Shaw, Mason Ingram, Matt Bogdanow, Matt Hurley, Paul Amorese, Randy Schrager, Tommy Diehl, Zach Jones

Joe Brent

Backing Vox:
Alex Miller, Areil Lask, Morgan McOwen, Sarah Wise, Tamika Sonja Lawrence

Full Vinyl, Volume 13: The Songs of Led Zeppelin, Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, 196 Allen Street between Houston and Stanton Streets (F Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit), 11pm, No Cover (but a contribution for the musicians is highly recommended)

Music Video: James Maddock with Mike Scott – Fisherman’s Blues

November 14, 2012

On Monday, Mike Scott (on 12 string and vocals) and Steve Wickham (on violin) of The Waterboys joined James Maddock and his band over at The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 and this performance of Mike’s classic Fisherman’s Blues was the result. The band also includes Oli Rockberger (keyboards), Aaron Comess (drums), Drew Mortali (bass) and Teddy Kumpel (guitar).

Mike will be back at Rockwood Stage 2 tonight at 7pm for a reading from his new book, Adventures of a Waterboy, a memior.  He will be performing acoustically with Steve as well.

Tonight: Doubleheader at The Rockwood Music Hall – Joe Whyte and Freddie Stevenson

October 2, 2012

Tonight just head over to The Rockwood Music Hall at 8pm and park yourself there for two hours.  First up will be Joe Whyte.  Joe is new to me but he plays alt country and Americana and his latest record, When the Day Breaks, sounds pretty good to me.  Tonight, Joe will play a full band show, his last in New York City for 2012.

Then at 9pm, Joe will turn the stage over to Freddie Stevenson.  Freddie’s original music has a little bit of everything in it including folk and English music hall, and he’s an engaging performer.  Tonight’s show is just the latest iteration of Freddie’s Tuesday night residency at The Rockwood.  Freddie has varied his shows here over the weeks, and has played solo, in a duo with James Maddock and last week was joined by Mike Scott and Steve Wickham of The Waterboys (but I have no  word on what Freddie plans for tonight).

Update: Freddie will be playing with a band consisting of Teddy Kumpel, Aaron Comess, and James Maddock.

Joe Whyte (8pm), Freddie Stevenson (9pm), Rockwood Music Hall, 196 Allen Street between Houston and Stanton Streets (F Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit), No Cover (but a contribution for each band is highly recommended)

Music VIdeo: Spin Doctors – Jimmy Olsen’s Blues

July 26, 2012

Last week there was a show at The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 advertised as Chris Barron, Eric Schenkman, Mark White and Aaron Comess. Those four put together are the early 90s line up of The Spin Doctors.  This video was shot in black and white (otherwise it would be red all over) by Val Barber at that show.  The song is Jimmy Olsen’s Blues.  Part of the lyrics of that song provides the name of the album it’s from, Pocket Full of Kryptonite.

News and Notes

July 23, 2012

James Maddock Plays Songs From Stamford Hill: The James Maddock shows scheduled for The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 on September 8th and 9th will consist of James and his band (Oli Rockberger, John Shannon, Drew Mortali, Aaron Comess and Leslie Mendelson) playing the songs which make up the album Songs from Stamford Hill from James’ previous band, Wood.  Three of those songs, Never Ending, Straight Line and Stay You, still show up in James’ shows regularly.  Of course, once James finishes playing Songs from Stamford Hill, the band will turn their attention to James’ more recent material.

The Dream Syndicate Plays The Days of Wine and Roses: Steve Wynn has reconstituted The Dream Syndicate for the 30th anniversary of their seminal 1982 debut album, The Days of Wine and Roses.  In the band this time around are Dennis Duck on drums, Mark Walton on bass and Jason Victor (from Steve’s band The Miracle 3) on lead guitar.  Right now this line up only has shows scheduled in Spain.  But I’ve heard that it’s quite probable that this tour will be extended with additional dates much closer to home.


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