Legal Stuff

The Federal Trade Commission Wants Me to Tell You This:

From time to time, as is the practice in the music industry, I receive music (in the form of CDs, downloads or streaming audio), admission to concerts or both, from artists, artist managers, public relations firms or music companies.  Although I have not been explicitly asked to do anything in return for this, I am sure that the persons and firms supplying me with the free music and shows would like it if I wrote something about the music they supplied to me.  I will tell you that the vast majority of music I acquire and shows I see are paid for out of my own pocket.

My policy is simply this: If I like music or musicians, no matter the way that music or those musicians came to my attention, I will write about it or them.  If I don’t like music or musicians, I will not write about it or them.  If this policy changes, I will change this disclaimer and make note of that change.  Although I am posting this disclaimer in July 2010, this has been the policy of Now I’ve Heard Everything since its inception.

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