The End of the Line

June 20, 2016

Traveling Wilburys End of the Line

You are reading the last post on Now I’ve Heard Everything.  It’s not that I’ve actually heard everything – that will never happen – but a number of factors have combined and convinced me that now is the time to shut down this blog.

First and foremost, I’m no longer approaching writing Now I’ve Heard Everything with the vim and energy that was there until recently.  I tend to run in seven year job cycles.  Now I’ve Heard Everything is six and a half years old and I wrote music columns in other blogs for nine months before I started NIHE.  Whether I’m just short of or just past the seven year mark, my internal clock is telling me that I need to move on.

To the extent that Now I’ve Heard Everything covered a particular portion of the New York music scene, that scene has changed.  Sure, any music scene is not static.  But there have been musicians moving elsewhere, venues closing and venues scaling back the amount of music they schedule.  As they say, things ain’t what they used to be.

Frustratingly, Now I’ve Heard Everything has been viewed less over the past year or so.  There were always dips in readership in the past whenever Google changed its algorithms.  But those dips never lasted all that long or amounted to all that much.  That’s not the case this time around.  I don’t know whether it’s Google or Facebook which has changed algorithms (probably both), or the changes result from the move from desktops to tablets and phones.  But I do know that some of the eyeballs that were around two years ago are not around now.

To the musicians I covered, I hope you picked up some fans.  To the music fans who read NIHE, I hope you found some music you might not have otherwise discovered.  If those things happened, then NIHE succeeded in its purpose.

You can find coverage of much of the same music that Now I’ve Heard Everything featured at two other websites.  The Gigometer is a constantly updated calendar of music in New York City.  As Pierre, its proprietor has noted, The Gigometer has been around longer than GoogleThe New York Music Daily is exactly what its title suggests.  It features reviews and sports its own music calendar.  It’s a good source for finding new music.

Finally, I want to make clear that I’m not going away; you’ll no doubt find me at a couple of shows this week and next week and the week thereafter.  I just want to stop running a blog right now.  Now I’ve Heard Everything will remain up and accessible for at least the next six months.

And so I now turn things over to The Traveling Wilburys, who will take us and Now I’ve Heard Everything to The End of the Line.

Breaking: Steve Wynn Postpones Bowery Electric Show After Biking Accident

June 9, 2016

Steve Wynn Injured Crop

The Steve Wynn and The Miracle 3 show scheduled for June 16th at The Bowery Electric has been postponed after Steve Wynn was injured in a bicycle accident.  According to a post on Steve’s Facebook page (where the photo above appeared), the accident occurred during a ride in the Vermont countryside.  Stopping short, Steve went over the handlebars and broke his right hand, left elbow and got some stitches on his chin.  I’m sure you’ll join Now I’ve Heard Everything in wishing Steve as speedy a recovery as possible.

Happy Memorial Day

May 30, 2016

Now I’ve Heard Everything is taking today off.  But tomorrow, NIHE will be back bright and early as usual.

News and Notes: Billboard’s Americana Chart; Ticketmaster’s Class Action Settlement

May 19, 2016

Billboard Logo

Earlier this week, Billboard announced that their Folk Albums chart would now be known as the Americana/Folk Albums chart.  According to Billboard, greater consideration than before for chart eligibility will be given to acts leaning more Americana than folk.  The chart will continue to be based on sales.  The Americana Music Association currently compiles an Americana chart which is based on radio airplay.

Ticketmaster Logo

A settlement in the Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster Class Action lawsuit was announced this week.  It includes free tickets and future discounts on tickets purchased from Ticketmaster as well as discounts on charges for shipping via UPS.  The settlement applies to members of the lawsuit class, that is, people who purchased tickets from Ticketmaster from October 21, 1999 through February 27, 2013, who did not opt out from this lawsuit and who have a Ticketmaster account.

The settlement provides that a class member will receive a ticket code for each ticket purchase that he/she made via during that period up to a maximum of 17.  Each ticket code will be redeemable for two General Admission tickets to concerts at certain venues operated by Live Nation.  Only two codes can be used per order.  The venues and shows which will be available to ticket code holders will be posted at this website created by Live Nation.

There are also ticket discount codes and UPS shipping discount codes. They will be provided in the same manner as the free ticket codes, again with a maximum of 17.  These discount codes will be worth $2.25 and up to two can be combined on tickets to be purchased from Ticketmaster in the future but no more than two codes can be used in any transaction.  There will also be codes available to those class members who opted for UPS shipping of their tickets during the class period.  Each of those UPS codes will be worth $5 and can be redeemed for future UPS shipping of tickets in a manner similar to that of the other codes.

All the codes can be used in purchases made through use of a computer but not via a phone.  The expiration date of these codes is June 18, 2020.   The codes will appear in your Ticketmaster account on or around June 16, 2016.

Guy Clark, 1941-2016

May 17, 2016

Guy Clark

The grim reaper keeps on working, taking Guy Clark, 74, this morning.  There’s an excellent obituary in The Tennessean here, which I urge you to read.  As for me, of all the songs that Guy wrote over the years, the first song that came to mind was L. A. Freeway.  So that’s what you find below.

News and Notes: Other Music to Close June 25th

May 10, 2016

Other Music Small

Other Music, the alternative record store located in Manhattan’s East Village, will be closing its doors and mail order business for good on June 25th.  According to a New York Times interview with Josh Madell, a co-owner of Other Music, published in today’s edition, business at the store has halved over the past 15 years.  Rent, on the other hand, has more than doubled, and property taxes, which the store pays, have also increased significantly.  According to Madell, the shop is closing before the economics of running it cease to work.

The following, which I noted when J&R Music World closed two years ago still seems to be the case:

I can see parallels between the music business and the stamp business.  New York City once had a thriving community of stamp dealers (with a major part of it located on Nassau Street in lower Manhattan) and major stamp departments in Macy’s and Gimbles.  As the popularity of stamp collecting waned, stamp stores closed.  Today, the stamp business is mainly online and mail order, with just a single store left in Manhattan.  Of course, the same thing has happened with record stores over the past decade and a half.


Prince, 1958-2016

April 21, 2016


Prince (full name Prince Rogers Nelson) was found dead today inside his home in Minnesota.  He was 57.  The cause of death has not been announced as of this writing.  I have a heavy prolonged sigh.  I have no words.

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