The End of the Line

Traveling Wilburys End of the Line

You are reading the last post on Now I’ve Heard Everything.  It’s not that I’ve actually heard everything – that will never happen – but a number of factors have combined and convinced me that now is the time to shut down this blog.

First and foremost, I’m no longer approaching writing Now I’ve Heard Everything with the vim and energy that was there until recently.  I tend to run in seven year job cycles.  Now I’ve Heard Everything is six and a half years old and I wrote music columns in other blogs for nine months before I started NIHE.  Whether I’m just short of or just past the seven year mark, my internal clock is telling me that I need to move on.

To the extent that Now I’ve Heard Everything covered a particular portion of the New York music scene, that scene has changed.  Sure, any music scene is not static.  But there have been musicians moving elsewhere, venues closing and venues scaling back the amount of music they schedule.  As they say, things ain’t what they used to be.

Frustratingly, Now I’ve Heard Everything has been viewed less over the past year or so.  There were always dips in readership in the past whenever Google changed its algorithms.  But those dips never lasted all that long or amounted to all that much.  That’s not the case this time around.  I don’t know whether it’s Google or Facebook which has changed algorithms (probably both), or the changes result from the move from desktops to tablets and phones.  But I do know that some of the eyeballs that were around two years ago are not around now.

To the musicians I covered, I hope you picked up some fans.  To the music fans who read NIHE, I hope you found some music you might not have otherwise discovered.  If those things happened, then NIHE succeeded in its purpose.

You can find coverage of much of the same music that Now I’ve Heard Everything featured at two other websites.  The Gigometer is a constantly updated calendar of music in New York City.  As Pierre, its proprietor has noted, The Gigometer has been around longer than GoogleThe New York Music Daily is exactly what its title suggests.  It features reviews and sports its own music calendar.  It’s a good source for finding new music.

Finally, I want to make clear that I’m not going away; you’ll no doubt find me at a couple of shows this week and next week and the week thereafter.  I just want to stop running a blog right now.  Now I’ve Heard Everything will remain up and accessible for at least the next six months.

And so I now turn things over to The Traveling Wilburys, who will take us and Now I’ve Heard Everything to The End of the Line.

9 Responses to The End of the Line

  1. Gary says:

    Eliot, thank you so much for NIHE. Your passion for music inspired me to re-immerse myself in the music scene, albeit in the northern CT area. Rock on.

  2. Denis Donovan says:

    Sorry to see you go. Much of the music I have purchased these past 4 years was influenced by your publication.

    Will there still be a way to contact you?


    Denis Donovan

    • Eliot says:

      I can be reached through the Contact Page here on NIHE (which will remain up through at least the end of the year). I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat. I’ll email you as well.

  3. Quint Spitzer says:

    See you at the gigs Eliot. Silver rules!

  4. Dave Moskal says:

    Hey loved loved loved your words of wisdom on the nyc music scene… you influenced many of the shows I saw

    Love, Peace and Soul Dave Moskal

    Twitter: muskiesjj


  5. Steve Cohen says:

    I’m deeply saddened by this useful resource ending….I’m sure I’ll still see you on a regular basis

    thanks for everything

    Steve Cohen
    609 Greenwich St. New York, NY 10014

  6. Eric Ambel says:

    Cheers Eliot. Always appreciate your tips on shows and all of your mentions almost as much as running into you out there at the clubs. Thanks again.

  7. David Miller says:

    I think I’ve only been here for about 3 years but I’ll miss the ‘ding’ from my email program letting me know the newest NIHE has arrived. I’ll be sure to let you know whenever I get to NYC and hopefully we can still catch a show (or two).

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