Tonight: Michaela Anne at The Mercury Lounge

Michaela Anne

Michaela Anne used to be based right here in NYC until she left for the greener pastures of Nashville two years ago.  But her sojourn down there seems to have paid off.  Michaela’s new record, Bright Lights and the Fame is a worthy follow up to her wonderful 2014 release, Easy My Mind.  Bright Lights and the Fame mixes its Americana, alt country and modern country in a way that any fan of any of those musical areas would be pleased.  Michaela ruminates on life and love on the 11 songs that make up the album.  I find myself drawn back to the open track, Living Without You, which features Michaela singing quietly at times and cutting loose at others.  But all the songs here deserve a listen and have something to offer.

Tonight, Michaela and her band pull into The Mercury Lounge to play the record release show for the new album.  The show opens at 7pm with NYC’s Zephaniah and the 18 Wheelers, with Michaela Anne hitting the stage at 8pm.  It’s an early enough show.  Given that Bright Lights and the Fame has garnered lots of good press (even the New York Times likes it), take this opportunity and catch Michaela Anne tonight.

Michaela Anne (8pm) (with Zephaniah and the 18 Wheelers opening at 7pm), Mercury Lounge, 217 East Houston Street between Ludlow and Essex Streets (F Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit, F Train to Delancey Street or J or M Trains to Essex Street), $12

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