Advance Planning: May 2016 Music Calendar Update (Added 5/18)

Here’s this Sunday’s bill at The Radigan Roundup plus a bunch of shows coming up in mid to late June.

May 22 – The Radigan Roundup with  Terry Radigan, Eric Ambel, Mary Lee Kortes, Diane Garisto, Elise Morris, Carmella Ramsey, Kenny Vaughn – 12th Street Bar and Grill – 7:30pm

June and Beyond

June 16 – Karen Kuhl Band – Sinatra Park (Hoboken) – show 7pm

June 17 – Mieka PauleyRockwood Music Hall – 9pm

June 17 – John KenglaRockwood Music Hall – 10pm

June 17 – The Allie, Bess and Hannah Harmony ExtravaganzaRockwood Stage 3 – 10pm

June 25 – Christine Ohlman and Rebel MontezHank’s Saloon – 9:30pm

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