Photo Recap: Purple Reign, A Tribute to the Artist Forever Known as Prince at Rockwood Stage 2

The show at The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 late Thursday night was titled Purple Reign: A Tribute to the Artist Forever Known as Prince.  It ran about four hours.  Although the musicians on stage kept changing, there were always at least six on stage at any time, and many, many more in the audience.  And yes, it was wall to wall Prince.

The cast was announced as including Abby Ahmad, Angela Birchett, Freedon Bremner, Chevy Chevis, Brian Collazo, Niki Darling, Josh Dion, Bryan Dunn, Caleb Hawley, Justin Johnston, Zach Jones, Toby Lightman, Jeff Litman, Chrissi Poland, Dean Scala, STOLAR, Brandi Thompson, Jeff Tuohy, Joel Walker, and Kelly Wolfgramm.  But there were many more.

Here are some photos I took at the show.  Enjoy!

Purple Reign RW2 5-12-16 1

Purple Reign RW2 5-12-16 2

Purple Reign RW2 5-12-16 3

Many more photos after the jump.

Purple Reign RW2 5-12-16 4

Purple Reign RW2 5-12-16 5

Purple Reign RW2 5-12-16 6

Purple Reign RW2 5-12-16 7

Purple Reign RW2 5-12-16 8

Purple Reign RW2 5-12-16 9

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