Tonight: Bleached at The Music Hall of Williamsburg

Bleached - SXSW 2016 Tuesday

This year, I arrived at SXSW a day early.  There wasn’t much music happening that Monday night, but I did find my way to the show where I saw Bleached.  They were my first serendipitous discovery in Austin in 2016.  I described them then as “three female vocalists who play bass and guitar with a male drummer. Someplace between punk and raw but frequently melodic rock.”  I’ll add now that their sound is somewhere between The Ramones and The Go-Go’s.  And their just released album, Welcome the Worms captures the sound that I heard from them live.

Bleached makes it to NYC tonight headlining a show at The Music Hall of Williamsburg.  Also on the bill are the bands No Parents and OCDPP.  Since the showtime is 9pm, that means that Bleached will go on someplace between 10:30 and 11pm, most likely the latter.  If you can stay out late on a school night, Bleached is well worth the trip to North 6th Street.

Bleached, The Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 North 6th Street between Wythe and Kent Avenues (L Train to Bedford Avenue), show 9pm, $15

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