SXSW 2016: Thursday’s Box Score

The DMAs SXSW 2016

Thursday at SXSW included a cab driver from Houston who didn’t know Austin and was dependent on me guiding him, rain, sun and both the best and worst shows I’ve seen so far.  Here are the details.

Band Comments
Waco Brothers Led by Jon Langford of The Mekons, this cow punk band rocks.  A hit!
Robbie Fulks Robbie was playing with a full country band and turned in one of the best sets I’ve seen from him.  He was also very funny.  A hit!
Corb Lund Modern country which sometimes veered off into rock.
Jess Klein I first saw Jess at SXSW about four years ago.  This time out, she played solo at a noisy street side venue with less than wonderful sound.  But Jess played full force through her set.
The Wild Feathers I wandered in for the last two songs and am sorry that’s all I got to see. Driving melodic rock.
The DMAs Driving rock with a three guitar attack.  Some of their song remind me a bit of early REM with better vocals.
Mike Witt and The Secondmen Bass, keys and drum trio playing  punk, a good bit of it atonal.  A miss.
Velvet Caravan Eastern European music played with verve and passion.  Although entertaining for a while, it soon became a bit much.
Colin Gilmore Americana and folk rock from an Austin local and his band.
Dion My fellow ex-Bronxite has lost nothing over the years.  A great songwriter and performer, he mixed new songs along with a couple of his classics.  Not only a hit, a home run!

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