SXSW 2016: Wednesday’s Box Score

Lines SXSW 2016 Wednesday

Wednesday seemed to be the day of glitches in my corner of SXSW.  Here is the rundown of the bands I saw and some of the glitches they had to work through.

Band Comments
Phases The band brings Rilo Kiley to mind. But if so, it is a much poppier, more smooth and more synth ladden version.
Borns Technical snafus with the sound required 40 minutes to set things up, and reduced a full set to just 4 songs, still with bad sound.
Michael Fracasso Singer-songwriter with a very twangy voice played Americana and alt country with a band.
Curtis McMurtry Very eclectic: Curtis’ band consisted of upright bass, trumpet, cello and amplified acoustic guitar. His songs have a retro-30s feel to them.
BettySoo Singer-songwriter  with full band. Nothing flashy, just solid musicianship and songwriting. A solid hit.
Nathan Hamilton Singer-songwriter with a cello backing him up.
Raina Rose Raina played with a full band. Her music was more rock than than anything else, and the set sounded like it could have been a rock record back in the 70s.
Alberta Cross Albert Cross has been around a while.  This time out the band consisted of guitar, bass, keys, drums and trumpet.  The music was rock with an eclectic bent.  But about 4 songs in, some linebacker type knocked over a large lighting stanchion. Everything came to a halt and I then left
Hey Marseilles Melodic, overly earnest  Americana, if Americana can have synths.  The band consists of guitar, bass, drums, keys, violin, and cello.  They weren’t bad, but they weren’t for me.
GIVERS A high energy pop-dance band with male and female lead singers and lots of synths and drums.  There were many sound issues at the start and they continued through the set.  But the band never lost their cool and winningly struggled through it.
Borns  Dream-pop is the label that’s been given to Borns, and it’s one that fits.  Like all good pop, Borns is fun.  This band has been tour for months and they are very tight.

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