Advance Planning: March 2016 Music Calendar Update (Added 3/11)

A few more shows next week.

Mar. 15 – Gina Leishman and Joy Askew as The Wapping Sisters – Barbes – 7pm

Mar. 16 – Ethan Eubanks Presents: “Bill, Still,” the music of Bill Withers, with Irving Louis Lattin, Ethan Eubanks, Al Street, Bennett Paster and Andy Hess – Rockwood Stage 2 – 9pm

Mar. 17 – Alex Battles and The Whisky RebellionPianos – 11:15pm

Mar. 19 – Accidents Will Happen: The songs of Elvis Costello, curated by Robin Aigner with David Benjoya, Bill Carney, Pierre de Gaillande, Charming Disaster, Larry Cook, Katie Down, Rima Fand, Pete Galub, Phil Jacob Glauberzon, Susan Hwang, Jacob Jiles, Dan Kilian, Shannon McArdle, Terry Radigan, Jennifer Sirey and Kevin Bailey, Gavin Smith, Bob Van Pelt, Tom Pope, Terry Radigan, and more – Freddy’s Bar – 8pm

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