Advance Planning: March 2016 Music Calendar Update (Added 3/8)

Some more shows over the next week.

Mar. 9 – The 30th Annual Birthday Tribute to the late George L. Popp Benefit for The American Heart Association with Anne Husick, Lenny KayeBill Popp and The Tapes, Ricky Byrd,The Left Banke, Dive Bar Romeos, The Cynz, Alan MerrillBowery Electric – 6:30pm

Mar. 10 – The KennedysChristopher Street Coffee House – 7pm

Mar. 10 – Mark McKay Band11th Street Bar – 9pm

Mar. 13 – The Radigan Roundup with  Terry Radigan, Andy Mac, Natti Vogel, Larry Krone, Julian Fleisher and Tamuz Nissim12th Street Bar and Grill – 7:45pm

Mar. 14 -Tribute to Bob Dylan with Kendra Morris, Ari Hest, Mike Errico, Johnny Lewis, Jeff Litman, Chrissi Poland, David Paarlberg, Phil Pickens, Gabe Berezin, Danielle Grubb, Alfonso Velez, Abby Ahmad, Bryan Dunn, Paul Wyatt, Maddy Wyatt, Gillian Visco, Dillon Kondor, hosted by Maddy Wyatt and music direction by Scott Davis – C’mon Everybody – 8pm

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