News and Notes

Brian Dunne and Bryan Dunn

It’s Finally Done: There have been two musicians playing New York City with similarly spelled, identically sounding names for a while now.  But at Monday’s edition of The After Party, they took the stage and played a song together.  In the above photo, taken at that show, you’ll see Brian Dunne on the left and Bryan Dunn directly to Brian’s right.

Harper Blynn Final Shot

Harper Blynn Returns, Sort of: The long time Now I’ve Heard Everything favorite band, Harper Blynn (a/k/a Mosco Rosco) announced their break up last year.  But as the fates would have it, that band will be getting back together to be play behind Damnwells front man Alex Dezen, who has a new solo album out and who will play a four week residency at Los Angeles’ Hotel Cafe beginning March 30th.

The Magic Shop

The Magic Shop Closes: Steve Rosenthal was not only one of the owners of The Living Room, he also owned a recording studio, The Magic Shop.  When The Living Room closed a few months ago, I noted that The Magic Shop was in jeopardy because of real estate issues.  A few days ago, Steve Rosenthal announced that those issues had forced The Magic Shop to close, and that the studio’s last day would be March 16th.


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