Advance Planning: March 2016 Music Calendar

Calendar 4

Here is the March Now I’ve Heard Everything Music Calendar.  The usual ground rules apply: listings are for venues in New York City and for bands that I can personally recommend or which I have reason to believe are worthwhile.  All shows listed here are free or have tickets which cost $40 or less.  I’ve tried to list the set time for each band.  If all I have is a time when the show starts or when doors open, I’ll list that and so note it.  As always, this calendar will be updated from time to time during the coming month, both in a separate post and with updates on this calendar.  On March 14th, NIHE will travel down to Austin for our yearly sojourn at the SXSW music conference and festival.  As usual, this calendar will be updated during the month, although updates will most likely cease during the festivities in Texas.

Latest Update: March 24

Mar. 1 – Wyatt, The Morning SeaKnitting Factory – 8pm

Mar. 2 – Walk on the Wild Side, A Lou Reed Birthday Tribute featuring Joe McGinty and Losers LoungeJoe’s Pub – 7pm

Mar. 2 – Julia Haltigan (opening for The Marcus King Band) – Rockwood Stage 2 – 8pm

Mar. 2 – Emily Duff11th Street Bar – 9pm

Mar. 2 – Walk on the Wild Side, A Lou Reed Birthday Tribute featuring Joe McGinty and Losers LoungeJoe’s Pub – 9:30pm

Mar. 3 – James MaddockRockwood Stage 3 – 8:30pm

Mar. 3 – Brother JimFreddy’s Bar – 10pm

Mar. 4 – LuanRockwood Stage 2 – 9pm

Mar. 4 –David LutherRockwood Music Hall – 11pm

Mar. 6 – Sasha DobsonFreddy’s Bar – 4pm

Mar. 6 – Peter CaseRockwood Stage 3 – 7pm

Mar. 6 – The Radigan Roundup with  Terry Radigan, Greg Trooper, Mary Lee Kortes, Ann Klein, Janie Barnett – 12th Street Bar and Grill – 7:45pm

Mar. 8 – Emily DuffRockwood Music Hall – 7pm

Sold Out! Mar. 8 – Nada SurfBowery Ballroom – show 9pm

Mar. 9 – The 30th Annual Birthday Tribute to the late George L. Popp Benefit for The American Heart Association with Anne Husick, Lenny KayeBill Popp and The Tapes, Ricky Byrd,The Left Banke, Dive Bar Romeos, The Cynz, Alan MerrillBowery Electric – 6:30pm

Mar. 9 – Charlene KayePianos – 8pm

Mar. 9 – North of AmarilloSkinny Dennis – 9pm

Mar. 10 – The KennedysChristopher Street Coffee House – 7pm

Mar. 10 – Mark McKay Band11th Street Bar – 9pm

Mar. 11 – Drina Seay with Homeboy SteveSidewalk Cafe – 7pm

Mar. 11 – The Big Bright w Glenn Patscha, Fiona McBain and Liz TormesThe Owl – 8pm

Mar. 12 – MiltonRockwood Stage 2 – 7pm

Mar. 12 – Heap (9pm), Spanking Charlene (10pm), Eric Ambel (11pm) – Fontana’s

Mar. 12 – Bucky HayesRockwood Music Hall – 10pm

Mar. 13 – The Radigan Roundup with  Terry Radigan, Andy Mac, Natti Vogel, Larry Krone, Julian Fleisher and Tamuz Nissim12th Street Bar and Grill – 7:45pm

Mar. 13 – Heather EatmanTreehouse at 2A – 10pm

Mar. 14 -Tribute to Bob Dylan with Kendra Morris, Ari Hest, Mike Errico, Johnny Lewis, Jeff Litman, Chrissi Poland, David Paarlberg, Phil Pickens, Gabe Berezin, Danielle Grubb, Alfonso Velez, Abby Ahmad, Bryan Dunn, Paul Wyatt, Maddy Wyatt, Gillian Visco, Dillon Kondor, hosted by Maddy Wyatt and music direction by Scott Davis – C’mon Everybody – 8pm

Mar. 14 – Jim Keller with Tony Scherr, Shawn Pelton, Todd Caldwell, and Andy HessRockwood Music Hall – 10pm

Mar. 15 – Gina Leishman and Joy Askew as The Wapping Sisters – Barbes – 7pm

Mar. 16 – Ethan Eubanks Presents: “Bill, Still,” the music of Bill Withers, with Irving Louis Lattin, Ethan Eubanks, Al Street, Bennett Paster and Andy Hess – Rockwood Stage 2 – 9pm

Mar. 17 – Alex Battles and The Whisky RebellionPianos – 11:15pm

Mar. 19 – Joe Hurley’s Irish Rock Review with Cait O’Riordan, Laura Cantrell, MaryLee Kortes, Ellen Foley, Shannon Conley, Pierce Turner, Garland Jeffreys, Carlton J Smith, Alphie McCourt, Sherryl Marshall, Don Fleming, Lianne Smith, Edward Rogers, Joe Hurley, Tony Zakowski, Mike Fornatale, Al Landess, Gary Thomas and more – Highline Ballroom – doors 6pm / show 7pm

Mar. 19 – Accidents Will Happen: The songs of Elvis Costello, curated by Robin Aigner with David Benjoya, Bill Carney, Pierre de Gaillande, Charming Disaster, Larry Cook, Katie Down, Rima Fand, Pete Galub, Phil Jacob Glauberzon, Susan Hwang, Jacob Jiles, Dan Kilian, Shannon McArdle, Terry Radigan, Jennifer Sirey and Kevin Bailey, Gavin Smith, Bob Van Pelt, Tom Pope, Terry Radigan, and more – Freddy’s Bar – 8pm

Mar. 19 – Brandi and the AlexandersRockwood Music Hall – 10pm

Mar. 21 – Dirty Water DogsEar Inn – Midnight to 3am

Mar. 23 – Freedy JohnstonRockwood Stage 3 – 7pm

Mar. 23 – Deni BonetBowery Electric – show 7:30pm

Mar. 23 – North of AmarilloSkinny Dennis – 9pm

Mar. 24 – The Split Squad –  Bowery Electric – show 8pm

Mar. 25 – WyattRockwood Music Hall – 10pm

Mar. 26 – Laura CantrellPete’s Candy Store – 5pm

Mar. 27 – Aaron Lee TasjanRockwood Stage 2 – show 7pm

Update: Mar. 27 – The Radigan Roundup with  Terry Radigan, Scott Klass, Freedy Johnston, Arum Rae, Emily Duff12th Street Bar and Grill – 7:45pm

Update: Mar. 27 –  Ann Klein, Simon Chardiet, Drina Seay and Monica “Li’l Mo” PassinTreehouse at 2A – 9pm

Mar. 28 – Tribute to Bonnie Raitt with Lizzie Edwards, Erica Smith, Rembert Block, Alexis Thomason, Mary Spencer Knapp, Sarah Wise, Courtney Lee Adams, Jr., Kiley Stevens, Greg McMullen, Rich Feridun, Tommy Devito, Tom Shad, Charly Roth – Beast of Bourbon – 7:30pm

Mar. 28 – The After PartyRockwood Stage 2 – 11:30pm

Mar. 30 – Joe WhyteRockwood Music Hall – 8pm

March 31 – Rony’s InsomniaPianos – 11pm

April and Beyond

Apr. 3 – Sasha DobsonFreddy’s Bar – 4pm

Apr. 4 – Arum RaeRockwood Music Hall – 10pm

Apr. 5 – Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones (CD Release show) – City Winery – doors 6pm / show 8pm

Apr. 6 – Martin RivasRockwood Music Hall – 9pm

Apr. 6 – North of AmarilloSkinny Dennis – 9pm

Apr. 7 – Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors, Jill AndrewsBowery Ballroom – show 9pm

Apr. 8 – Dina Regine, Emily DuffBowery Electric – show 7:30pm

Apr. 13 – Waco BrothersUnion Hall – show 8pm

Apr. 14 – John FullbrightRockwood Stage 2 – 8:30pm

Update: Apr. 20 – Elizabeth and The CatapultKnitting Factory – show 9pm

April 27 – Cover II Cover: Celebrating the music of Linda Ronstadt and raising money for Parkinson’s Research. Hosted by Spuyten Duyvil with Milton, Andrea from Cricket Tell the Weather, Ana Egge, Boo and Elena from The Demolition String Band, Pete Winne from Tumbling Bones, Bobtown, No Fuss and Feathers, Mark NewmanRockwood Stage 3 – 8:30pm

May 5 – Spottiswoode and His EnemiesRockwood Stage 2 – 8:15pm

May 10 – Old 97s, Heartless BastardsMusic Hall of Williamsburg – show 8pm

May 11 – Heather EatmanRockwood Stage 3 – 8:30pm

May 14 – Robbie FulksUnion Hall – show 8:30pm

May 16 – Hayes CarllJoe’s Pub – 7pm

May 17 – Hayes CarllJoe’s Pub – 7pm

June 8 – Sharon Jones and The Dap KingsCelebrate Brooklyn – 8:15pm

June 8 – Fred EaglesmithRockwood Stage 3 – 9pm

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