Photo Recap: Some Recent Shows

Here are a few photos taken at shows over the past few weeks.  Some of them were posted on Instagram while the shows were happening.  So don’t forget to follow @nowiveheardeverything there too.

Megan Reilly Hi Fi

Megan Reilly played The Hi-Fi Bar last night.  It was her first show in New York City in about two years.  Megan and her band picked up exactly where they had left off.

The Westies at Rockwood

The Westies playing The Rockwood Music Hall.  They are based in Chicago and only make it into NYC about once a year.

Bryan Dunn Rockwood

Bryan Dunn and his band, The Esteemed Gentlemen, at The Rockwood Music Hall

Jeff Litman Rockwood

Jeff Litman and his band bringing rock and power pop to The Rockwood Music Hall

Irakli Gabriel Freddie Stevenson Radigan Roundup

Sam Feldman (far left) Irakli Gabriel (l) and Freddie Stevenson (r) playing The Radigan Roundup

Julia Halitgan 11th Street Bar

Julia Haltigan and her band at The 11th Street Bar

Fife & Drom Rockwood 2

Fife & Drom rocking Rockwood Stage 2

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