Advance Planning: February 2016 Music Calendar Update (Added 2/19)

Here is are some Sunday shows; one this week, and one next week.

Feb. 21 – The Radigan Roundup with Terry Radigan, Heather Eatman, Paul Foglino, Arum Rae, Anna Kaye and Irakli Gabriel – 12th Street Bar and Grill – 7:45pm

Feb. 28 – The Great Harmony Swap with Dina Regine, Susan D, Gene Casey, Sherryl Marshall, Emily Duff, Scott Aldrich, Deborah Berg, Lisa Lowell, Drina Seay, Tone Johansen, Dave Foster, Charles Roth, Elena Skye, Boo Reiners, Rembert Block, Cid Scantlebury, Leslie Wagner, Fiona Mcbain, Liz Tormes, Erica Smith, Lizzie Edwards, Bibi Farber, Patti Rothberg, Mike Fornatale, Lane Steinberg, Lisa Zwier, Anne Husick, Phil Gammage, Tom Clark, Crystal Durant, Michelle Starrs Bissell, Paul Pimsler, and more – Treehouse at 2A – 8:30pm

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