News and Notes: Records Coming in 2016; Fontana’s Is Closing

Charlie Faye and The Fayettes

New recordings coming in 2016: Alex Dezen will be stepping out from The Damnwells to release a solo album in February.  Also coming next month will be Charlie Faye and The Fayettes, the new project from long time Now I’ve Heard Everything favorite Charlie Faye (that’s their publicity shot above).  Eric “Roscoe” Ambel has completed a new solo album.  Eric is also working with his band, The Del-Lords as they record the follow up to Elvis Club.  The Dream Syndicate is working on their first new album since the late 80s.  Aly Tadros has been recording her third album in Woodstock, New York with Kevin Salem producing.


The real estate monster devours another venue.  Fontana’s on the Lower East Side announced that the bar and music venue will be closing sometime in the spring.  Their current lease was expiring and the rent for the place under a new lease would have risen to about $30,000 per month.  That made continuing the business untenable.

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