Tonight: The Last Show at The Living Room and The After Party at Rockwood Stage 2

Tonight there are two shows which I can recommend. Both have casts of dozens and both are one of a kind.

Living Room Last Show

It’s the end of an era.  The Living Room opened in 1998, and will close its doors for the very last time tonight.  The final show at the club’s latest incarnation in Williamsburg has been given the title of The Last Whoorah!  Playing that show will be Elena Skye and Boo Reiners of Demolition String Band, Cole Quest and The City Pickers, Jesse Harris, Freedy Johnston, Fiona McBain with Liz Tormes, Stephan Said, Queen Esther, Jen Larson, Jack Grace, Jimi Zhivago, Douglas Jay Goldstein, John Brodeur, The Locksmiths, Jocelyn Arem, and more.  Things get going at 9pm and are scheduled to conclude at midnight.

The After Party 9-14-15 1

Over the river, on the Lower East Side, the latest installment of The After Party will commence at 11pm on Rockwood Music Hall’s Stage 2The After Party is the latest in a line of shows at The Rockwood in which a large number of musicians get together and cover songs belonging to a given year.  Rumor has it that tonight’s year is 1957.  As usual, Akie Bermiss, who is pictured above, will be the host for the evening.  The After Party is scheduled to go late.


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