Breaking: The Last Show at The Living Room, Monday, December 21st

Living Room Last Show

I had heard that The Living Room would be doing something to mark the end of that club, but I did not previously have any details.  I now have the barest of details.  As shown above, The Living Room‘s Last Whoorah! will be held at the club on Monday, December 21st from 9pm to midnight.  Elena Skye and Boo Reiners are involved in putting this together, as are several others.  I have no names to announce, and it seems that this is still being fleshed out.  Like you, I’m waiting to see who will be playing that night.

Update: Here’s some more information on the show provided by Boo Reiners

Cole Quest and The City Pickers will be the host/house band. We have lots of great folks planning to come including Freedy Johnston, Fiona McBain, Stephan Said, Queen Esther, Jimi Zhivago and many others. And there night starts at 8pm with Jason Loughlin and his String Gliders in a holiday tribute to The Ventures!

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