Best Songs of 2015 – Part 2

Here are the second five songs in the Now I’ve Heard Everything Best Songs of 2014 list; you’ll find the first part here.

JesseMalin New York Before the WarJesse Malin – Turn Up the Mains
If rock n roll is about transcendence and catharsis, and it is, then this song succeeds on both criteria.  Turn Up the Mains is a loud, insistent Rolling Stones type rocker that will have you moving  and probably dancing before too many seconds have gone by.  It even has a horn section on it.


Kristin Diable CreateKristin Diable – I’ll Make Time for You
This is a blend of blues, Americana, soul comes from Louisiana born and New Orleans based Kristin Diable.  It has Kristin’s inspired vocals, some great keyboard work, and multi-layered sound.  Lyrically, it sets up the rules of a new relationship “I’ll make time for you, but I will not hold you down,” obviously a lesson learned from something that happened back when.  A winning song for so many reasons.

Misty Boyce The Life CoverMisty Boyce – The Life
The Life is the title track from Misty Boyce‘s 2015 album.  Here, Misty continues her move towards more of a rock sound.  Although starting with guitar (which has become Misty’s main instrument of late), The Life quickly changes focus to keyboards and the track ends up mostly drenched in them.  Misty has a pretty expansive vocal range, and she show much of it here.  Add a very catchy melody and you have this very satisfying song.

Secret Someones AlbumSecret Someones – Only One I Want
Secret Someones tackle the sweet side of lust in this wonderful piece of power pop.  This song features soaring harmonies, booming drums, fuzzy guitars and excellent keys, all trademarks of this group.  Only One I Want is a wonderful confection to enjoy again and again.


Waterboys Modern BluesThe Waterboys – November Tale
In this song, Mike Scott tells the tale of two ex-lovers who meet again after 27 years.  One has had a religious awaking and the other is an atheist.  While in lesser hands this could just end up as a polemic or over wordy, Mike makes this awkward reunion a poignant piece of folk-rock.


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2 Responses to Best Songs of 2015 – Part 2

  1. Jens says:

    November Tale sure is a great song! A beautiful piece on a really great album. Nice that it gets recognition here. Mike Scott has done it again!

    • Eliot says:

      I’ve been a big fan of Mike for a long time. He and Steve spent the fall of 2012 here in New York City and they would join in and play every so often with James Maddock and Freddie Stevenson, with whom Mike co-wrote songs with on Modern Blues.

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