Best Songs of 2015 – Part 1

Now, we’ll take a look at the best songs of 2015. As is usual around here, this top ten list will be presented in two parts. So without further ado, here is the Now I’ve Heard Everything Best Song of 2015:

The Damnwells - The Damnwells reducedThe Damnwells – Lost
The Damnwells returned to their original lineup this year and the first single from their self-titled album was this marvelous piece of power pop. There’s not a hair out of place on this song: the guitars ring, the vocals are perfectly sung, the bass is present and the drums do more than just keep the beat.  Never did 3:48 go by so quickly.

And here are the rest of the first part of The Best Songs of 2015 presented in alphabetical order (by artist):

Aaron Lee Tasjan In the BlazesAaron Lee Tasjan – ENSAAT
A few years back Aaron Lee Tasjan left New York City and moved to East Nashville.  Aaron looked around at that local scene, saw that some of his musical neighbors had arrived merely to burnish their Americana credentials.  Hence this critique; it’s acronymic title stands for East Nashville Song About A Train.  ENSAAT rocks; no banjos here.  This song is from Aaron’s fine 2015 album, In The Blazes.

Bottle Rockets South BroadwayBottle Rockets – Monday (Everytime I Turn Around)|
The Bottle Rockets contemplate how fast time passes, but not the years so much as the days and weeks. This is a straight forward two guitars bass and drums tune that gives you everything you seek in a rock song and will probably have reaching for the replay button when it’s over.

Dawes All Your Favorite BandsDawes – I Can’t Think About It Now
To the extent that this song from All Your Favorite Bands is a throwback to the 70s, it is more noirish New York Steely Dan than it is Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter.  It also gives Dawes 6:15 to stretch out and show their musical chops.  The female backup singers are a nice touch, too.


Jeff Litman PrimetimeJeff Litman – That’s on You
A bright and bouncy piece of power pop whose main message is “get the hell out of here” (that’s in fact one line from the song).  In addition to singing lead, Jeff Litman plays guitar and keys on this, with his band taking on guitar, bass, drums and even some cowbell.


Check back tomorrow for the rest of The Best Songs of 2015.

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