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Harper Blynn Final Shot

It seems we have not heard the last of Harper Blynn.  That band, which for the last year it was around was known as Mosco Rosco, broke up earlier this year. But yesterday the band announced via Facebook that it had more music coming out shortly. Here’s what they said:

On December 10th, we will be releasing nearly all the music we worked on from late 2012 to early 2015. It’ll be on Spotify, iTunes, and all the other relevant streaming services under the name Harper Blynn.

Kristin Diable Paste SXSW

Do you have a song you wanted someone to write?  For a limited time, that someone could be Kristin Diable.  The New Orleans based singer-songwriter explains:

Anyone can commission a new work. You don’t have to be an artistic director, or a well-established performer—it can be anyone who is motivated to enrich the world with a new piece of music.

Song are delivered in a special care package including an individually packaged CD, handwritten and signed lyric sheet, optional dedication and performance video of the song, and additional inspirations around the song, unique to your project. And for all your modern folks, the song will be delivered digitally as well.

Commissions are accepted on a case-by-case basis, as I want to be sure I’m able to give my full attention and inspiration to your song. Due to the amount of time, juju and creativity involved in creating these pieces, I only accept a few commissions. Very limited availability. Commission rates vary depending on scope of song writing and recording process.

If you are interested: please email and let us know more about what you would like to create, ideas, your budget, timeline and any other details you would like to share.

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