News and Notes

Mieka Pauley Rockwood 3-21-15

Mieka Pauley‘s show at The Rockwood Music Hall scheduled for tonight has been canceled. But the reason is a good one: yesterday morning, Mieka gave birth to a boy and a girl.  Yes, twins!  Congratulations!!!


This week, The Del-Lords reported to Cowboy Technical Services in Williamsburg and began recording the follow up to their last record, 2013’s Elvis Club.  This is wonderful news in and of itself, but it also means that drummer Frank Funaro‘s arm, guitarist Scott Kempner‘s shoulder and guitarist Eric Ambel‘s leg have all healed enough so that this long planned session could finally go forward.

Laura Cantrell Not the Tremblin Kind

It was 15 years ago that Laura Cantrell‘s first album, Not the Tremblin’ Kind, was released.  In celebration of that, the album is going to be reissued sometime in 2016.  This time around there will also be a vinyl pressing of it.

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