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Treehouse New Board

The Treehouse at 2A has another upgrade.  Over the past few weeks, the venue has installed new speakers and a new stage.  More recently, a new soundboard, shown above, has been installed as well.

Jeff and AmalThree more musicians are relocating out of New York City.  Husband and wife duo Jeff Malinowski and Amal Bouhabib (shown above), who were the mainstays of The Basement Band, Wilderlands and other groups as well, are leaving Brooklyn and moving to Nashville.  They will join the contingent of Now I’ve Heard Everything favorites who proceeded there previously, including Amy Speace, Aaron Lee Tasjan and Michaela Anne.

Former Madison Square Gardeners drummer Rob Heath will also be leaving New York City and settling in London shortly.  I understand that this is the result of Rob’s wife being stationed there for work.

2 Responses to News and Notes

  1. Ray Foley says:

    Hi Eliot, You really cover the New York rock/folk/songwriter scene like no other. I just love the info about clubs, who’s moving, and latest shows. I recently saw a rockwood show by this artist Janita- really worth seeking out as she has something to say and really thoughtful beautiful tunes. I was at City Winery recently and caught Teddy Thompson’s birthday tribute show to Chuck Berry. here’s a clip I shot with Dawn Landes from that show:

    All the best, Ray

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