Today: Lianne Smith at Branded Saloon, Dan Bern at City Winery or North of Amarillo at Skinny Dennis

Choices Large

The theme for today seems to be “you pay your money and you make your choice.”   There are three different shows I’m recommending, all essentially opposite each other and in different parts of the city.

First up, at 7pm, over in Prospect Heights at The Branded Saloon, the wonderful Lianne Smith will play one of her way too infrequent shows.  This time out Lianne will play solo.  I’m sure she will be playing songs from her recent record, Two Sides of A River, as well as songs from other stages of her career.  Lianne’s songs are lyrically driven, and if you need to put a label on Lianne’s music, call it folk rock.

Dan Bern  writes songs a frequently as other people breathe.  He’s frequently funny and occasionally profound.  In those songs, Dan plays guitar with Keith Richards, eats olives and even talks to God, finding out that there were only supposed to be eight commandments and that Moses left out the one about the moose.  Stylistically, Dan has been compared to Bob Dylan, who Dan considers to be the Dan Bern of the 60s.  Dan will play City Winery tonight.  The show starts at 8pm with Alyssa Robbins opening.

North of Amarillo, a band with Now I’ve Heard Everything favorite Kelli Scarr on lead vocals, will play  Skinny Dennis in Williamsburg tonight, their usual residency night there, starting at 9pm.  Inspired by the music of Emmylou Harris, North of Amarillo pays tribute to her classic songs and arrangements along with a mix of originals and other country favorites.

Lianne Smith, Branded Saloon, 603 Vanderbilt Avenue at the corner of Bergen Street (B or Q Trains to 7th Avenue or C Train to Clinton Washington), 7pm, No Cover, (but a contribution for the musicians is highly encouraged)

Dan Bern, (Alyssa Robbins opens), City Winery, 155 Varick Street between Spring and Vandam Streets (1 Train to Houston or Canal Streets, C or E Trains to Spring Street), doors 6pm / show 8pm, $25, $28, $32

North of Amarillo, Skinny Dennis, 152 Metropolitan Avenue at Berry Street (G to Metropolitan Avenue, L to Bedford Avenue or Lorimer Street), No Cover (but a contribution for the musicians is highly recommended), 9pm

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