Advance Planning: October 2015 Music Calendar Update (Added 10/12)

One time clarified, two more shows for this week, two more for the week after and a couple into November.

Oct. 13 – WyattC’mon Everybody – 8:45pm (CMJ)

Oct. 14 – Lianne SmithBranded Saloon – show 7pm

Oct. 15 – Maddy WyattC’mon Everybody – 7pm (CMJ)

Oct. 23 – Dina Regina (full band show) – Sidewalk Cafe – 9pm

Oct. 26 – Vicki Kristina BarcelonaRockwood Music Hall – 9pm

November and Beyond

Nov. 2 – Sasha DobsonRockwood Music Hall – 9pm

Nov. 2 – Jim Campilongo Trio with Chris Morrissey, Josh DionRockwood Music Hall – 10pm

Nov. 4 – Peter CaseRockwood Stage 3 – 10:30pm

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