Photo Recap: Secret Someones CD Release Show at Rockwood Stage 2 (With Set LIst)

Secret Someones – Bess Rogers, Lelia Broussard, Hannah Winkler and Zach Jones – blew the roof off of the jammed packed (all the tables had been removed) Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 last night.  This was the release show for their brand new self titled CD, which is out today.  The band played all the songs on the album, plus a really inspired cover.  I can’t think of a better show that I’ve been to recently.  Here are ten photos from that show, plus a set list after the photos.

Secret Someones RW2 10-1-15 01Bess, Zach and Lelia confer while setting up

Secret Somoenes RW2-10-1-15 02Bess’s pedals

Secret Somoenes RW2-10-1-15 03  Hannah, Bess and Leliah

Secret Somoenes RW2-10-1-15 04Hannah

Many more photos, plus the set list, after the jump

Secret Somoenes RW2-10-1-15 05Zach

Secret Somoenes RW2-10-1-15 06Lelia

Secret Someones RW2 10-1-15 07Bess

Secret Someones RW2 10-1-15 08Hannah, Bess and Lelia


Secret Someones RW2 10-1-15 09

Secret Someones RW2 10-1-15 1 10

Set List

I Won’t Follow
Quit Pulling Me Down
Let You Go
Hey Hey Honey
Only One I Want
Dead Weight
Chase Your Shadow (played off mic)
Breed (Nirvana cover)

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