Music Video: Is This the Worst Song Ever Recorded by The Beatles?

Beatles 65

Mr. Moonlight has always been my least favorite Beatles song.  So when I heard new band Jellycake sing it a few nights ago, I told them that they were better than the Beatles.  But going back and listening to it, maybe it’s not so bad after all.  It does have a great vocal by John Lennon.  But that cheesy organ solo in the middle still gets in the way.

As for worst Beatles song, maybe and maybe not.  I don’t consider Revolution 9 to be a song; in my mind, it’s an aural collage or performance piece.  With that out of the way, maybe Wild Honey Pie beats this in the race to the bottom of the Beatles’ barrel.  What do you think?  Leave a comment.

6 Responses to Music Video: Is This the Worst Song Ever Recorded by The Beatles?

  1. Paul says:

    Admittedly one the Beatles’ weaker numbers – it’s schmaltzy, the organ solo is not impressive, etc. That said, I find some of their quirky songs way worse to be fair. My favourite Bealtes record has always been Revolver but even after years and years, I still can’t listen to Yellow Submarine without cringing and quickly turning down the speakers, only to turn them back up when the first guitar lick of She Said She Said comes in.

  2. raybrizzi says:

    Mr. Moonlight and Matchbox were both covers, which is what they started out doing mostly. I’d go with I’ll Get You, flip side of She Loves You, as their OWN worst song… They didn’t even put it on an album while they were still a band.

  3. Denis Donovan says:

    Eliot, How can you toss stink on the rugged perfection of Mr. Moonlight when there are far worse Beatles songs in general release, among them: I wanna Be Your Man, the truly dreadful Matchbox and the why did they ever release it embarrassment – Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?

    • Eliot says:

      Denis, Mr. Moonlight has always made me wince, something that no other Beatles song does.

      • Eliot says:

        From Brian Leonard, via Facebook: Not counting anything released after 1970, I would still go with Mr. Moonlight. I think it’s a bad song. Wild Honey Pie is short and fits nicely in the White Album sequence. My choice for the worst recording they wrote–I have never been a fan of “Run For Your Life”, especially as an album-ender.

      • raybrizzi says:

        Don’t forget that the first line of Run For Your Life was from Elvis’s song “Baby Let’s Play House”

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