News and Notes: The Treehouse at 2A Upgrades; Report on Music Discovery 2015

2A Bar

Tom Clark, who runs The Treehouse at 2A has announced that the venue has been upgraded.  There is a new stage, and a new sound system which includes new speakers, monitors, EQs, bass amp and drum kit.  The Sunday night hang that Tom runs is one of the most relaxed places to hear music in NYC, and it’s great to know that everything will sound even better there going forward.

Radio Dial

Neilsen, the company that measures radio listening and TV viewing, recently released its annual Music 360 report.  That survey has some interesting results about music listening and discovery in the United States.

According to the report, 91 percent of the U.S. population listen to music, down slightly from the 93 percent figure in 2014.  Sixty-one percent of people discover new music through regular (that is, non-Internet)  radio.  Other methods of music discovery, in descending order, are friends and relatives (45 percent), movies (31 percent), audio or video streaming apps like YouTube (27 percent), social media apps (25 percent), television (23 percent) and concerts (12 percent).

I could not find the entire report on the Net.  But Billboard has an excellent article on it which can be read here.

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