News and Notes: New Records Still to Come in 2015; Kathleen Edwards’ Guitar Stolen

Secret Someones Album

Back in the old days, lots of albums were released in September and October.  The theory behind this was that those albums would end up as Christmas gifts.  Big releases during that time period seem to have gone by the boards in recent years.  Even so there are some records still to be released in early October which have some special promise.  These include South Broadway Athletic Club, the latest album from The Bottle Rockets, which was produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, and the self-titled premier release from Secret Someones.  Both of those records will be released on October 2nd.  The following week, on October 9th, Aaron Lee Tasjan will unveil his first full length album, In the Blazes.

Kathleen Edwards Guitar

Kathleen Edwards took to Facebook earlier this week to report the theft of her guitar.  She said:

This one hurts. Bad.
My 1957 Les Paul junior was stolen from my home in Stittsville, Ontario. I can only guess that someone came in through the back door when it was unlocked, picked it up, without a case, and walked out.

The picture of Kathleen above shows the guitar in question.  If you know anything about that stolen guitar, contact Kathleen on Facebook or Twitter.

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