Tonight: Bucky Hayes at The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

Bucky Hayes Parkside

Welcome to August.  As is more often than not the case, it’s hot and most people who can have fled the city (which means there is actually parking in my neighborhood).  But if you are still hanging around NYC, here’s tonight’s suggestion: head on down to The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 tonight, where you’ll find Bucky Hayes.  Bucky and his band The Commonwealth, take the stage there at 10pm.  You name it, Bucky can do it, and if you name a local musician, it’s likely that Bucky has played with him or her.  Bucky’s stock in trade is Americana with a dash of soul thrown into the mix.  Bucky’s a very good songwriter and an engaging performer.  Last time Bucky played, a string broken on the piano, which just goes to show that when Bucky plays, you can expect anything to happen.

Bucky Hayes, Rockwood Stage 2, 196 Allen Street between Houston and Stanton Streets (F Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit), 10pm, No Cover (but a contribution for the musicians is highly recommended)

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