News and Notes: Elvis at Your Post Office; Serious Issue With The Latest iTunes Update

Elvis Stamp 2015

Elvis Presley will be coming to your local post office next month.  A stamp (pictured above) in the United States Postal Service’s Music Icons stamp series will be placed on sale on August 12th.  Stamps previously issued in the series honored Janis Joplin, Jimi HendrixJohnny Cash, Ray Charles and Lydia Mendoza.  This is the second time around for Elvis on a US stamp.  He was previously honored by the USPS in 1993.

itunesIf you are a user of iTunes, take note: I have seen reports of a serious problem with the latest update, version 12.2, of that program.  It seems that if you turn on iCloud Music Library (which was formerly known as iTunes Match), songs on your computer (and your iPhone and iPad) will be scrambled.  Reported issues include changing cover art, changes in songs in album and the playing of incorrect songs.

If you have not yet updated iTunes to version 12.2, you may want to hold off for now.  If you want to go to that newer version, do not turn on iCloud Music Library.  If you have already done both, you will need to restore your computer-based music from a back up.  There’s a pretty good step by step guide on how to do that if you have a Mac here.  The process would be somewhat the same on a Windows PC, but I have not yet seen a similar write up for that.

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