Tonight: Aly Tadros at Rockwood Music Hall; Tomorrow: Fife & Drom at LIC Bar; North of Amarillo and Freedy Johnston at The South Street Seaport


The July 4th weekend is upon us with a huge number of folks out of town already (there’s actually parking on my block).  If you are in town, here are my recommendations:

Friday 7/3 – Aly Tadros: Check out the original stage at The Rockwood Music Hall for this wonderful Americana, folk rock and folk artist.  In the past Aly has blended classical instruments into her music.  I’m not sure what she has in mind tonight, but she will have a couple of horns added to her band. Rockwood Music Hall, 196 Allen Street between Houston and Stanton Streets (F Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit), 8pm, No Cover (but a contribution for the band is highly recommended).

Saturday 7/4 – Fife & Drom is an electric blues band lead by Mark Marshall and Abby Ahmad.  You’ll find them playing late this afternoon out of doors in Long Island City.  LIC Bar, 45-58 Vernon Blvd., near 46th Avenue, Long Island City (7 Train to Vernon-Jackson or G Train to 21st Street – Van Alst), 5pm, No Cover (but contribution to the band highly encouraged)

Saturday 7/4 – North of Amarillo is inspired by the music of Emmylou Harris.The band pays tribute to her classic songs and arrangements along with a mix of originals and other country favorites, with vocals handled by the amazingly voiced Kelli Scarr. South Street Seaport Festival of Independence Peck Slip Stage at South Street (A, C, J, 2, 3 or 4 Trains to Fulton Street) 6pm, Free

Saturday 7/4 – Freedy Johnston is originally from Kansas and first got attention through the albums he released with Bar None Records back in the 90s.  His songs tell great stories and sound great whether they are played with a single guitar or a band.  His most recent album is Neon Repairman.  South Street Seaport Festival of Independence Fulton Street Stage at Water Street (A, C, J, 2, 3 or 4 Trains to Fulton Street) 7pm, Free

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