Tonight: Lucinda Williams at Celebrate Brooklyn

Lucinda Top of Post

Lucinda Williams brings her fabled Americana music to Celebrate Brooklyn tonight.  It’s a free show with a $3 suggested contribution.  I don’t think I need to say more.  I expect Celebrate Brooklyn to be crowded.  But there are about 2,000 seats and room for just as many folks on the hill if you want to bring a blanket.  There are two entrances to Celebrate Brooklyn: the main one at 9th Street and one at 11th Street.  If the line at the main entrance is very long, consider using the 11th Street entrance.  And if you have the afternoon free, sound check usually happens around 3pm.

Lucinda Williams (Jason Walker opens), Celebrate Brooklyn (Prospect Park Bandshell), Entrances at 9th and 11th Streets and Prospect Park West (F or G Trains to 7th Avenue or 15th Street-Prospect Park), doors 6:30pm / show 7:30pm, Free (but a $3 contribution at the time of admission is highly recommended)

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