News and Notes: Stolen Guitars, Friday Is the New Tuesday and The End of Mosco Rosco / Harper Blynn


About two months ago, Mya Byrne had much of her gear stolen (see previous account here).  And there’s good news and bad news to report.  While most of what was stolen has now been returned, there are still two guitars missing: a Gibson SG (I) (shown in the photo above) and a Guild F-30.  Mya is offering a reward for their return.  Click on the links above to get more information about the stolen instruments and to contact Mya.

Friday on My Mind

If you still buy CDs or LPs, you know that Tuesday is record release day.  That is about to change.  The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has announced that beginning on July 10, most records will be released in most countries on Fridays.  Japan is an exception, where records will be released on Wednesdays.

Harper Blynn Merc5

I’m sad to report that the band Mosco Rosco, formerly know as Harper Blynn is no more.  Whynot Jansveld, the band’s bass player has stated on Facebook  that “our band reached its expiration date a few months ago, as these things go sometimes.” I, and a lot more folks I know as well, will miss them.

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