Tonight: Elizabeth and The Catapult and Dear Georgiana at The Mercury Lounge


If you don’t have any plans for the earlier part of this evening, here’s a great  show for you to catch at The Mercury Lounge.

First up at 7pm will be Dear Georgiana.  Call their music atmospheric folk-rock that’s melodic with very nice vocals.  Dear Georgiana is led by Lauren Balthrop, who also plays in Elizabeth and The Catapult.  Elizabeth Ziman frequently joins Dear Georgiana as well, and should be part of the band tonight.

Next, at 8pm will be Elizabeth and The Catapult.  You can expect keyboard based idiosyncratic classical tinged pop, songs from the band’s album released earlier this year.  That record was one of Now I’ve Heard Everything’s Top Albums of 2014.  Elizabeth also likes to throw in some inspired covers as well.  I never leave one of Elizabeth’s shows without having being uplifted by the music.

Dear Georgiana (7pm), Elizabeth and The Catapult (8pm), Mercury Lounge, 217 East Houston Street between Ludlow and Essex Streets (F Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit, F Train to Delancey Street or M or J Trains to Essex Street), $15

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