Photo Recap: Surprise Misty Boyce Show at The Gramercy Theater (With Set List)

When the band that was supposed to open for Joy Williams at The Gramercy Theater Thursday night backed out at the last minute, long time Now I’ve Heard Everything favorite Misty Boyce, who is part of Joy’s touring band, stepped up to the microphone and became the new opener.  Matt Basile, Misty’s former band mate, gets a save for rushing in with an acoustic guitar for Misty to play.

Misty played a solo 30 minute, five song set, during which she was able to make The Gramercy feel small and intimate.  Many folks in the audience already knew Misty, but it was clear that by the time she finished, she won some new fans as well.  The set list follows the photos from the show.

Misty Boyce Gramercy 5-14-15 1

Misty Boyce Gramercy 5-14-15 2

Misty Boyce Gramercy 5-14-15 3

Misty Boyce Gramercy 5-14-15 4

Set List


The Life

The Nest



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