Photo Recap: The Baseball Project at Rough Trade (With Set List)

The Baseball Project played Rough Trade last night.  The line up this time around was Scott McCaughey (guitar and vocals), Steve Wynn (guitar and vocals), Mike Mills (bass and vocals) and Linda Pitmon (drums and vocals).  The band played for 90 minutes, and their set included 20 songs (the complete set list is at the end of this post).  In addition to Steve and Scott taking turns on lead vocals, Linda took a turn on Pascual on the Perimeter, and Mike did as well on To The Veterans Committee.  Outside of one song early on where the bass cut out (that problem was quickly fixed), the show was fun for the band and the audience.  And on the last song, Steve took a deGromm Garden Gnome which had been the NY Mets‘ giveaway at yesterday’s game and stuck it on his guitar (see the third from the last photo).
BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 1

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 2

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 3

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 4Many more photos and the set list after the jump.

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 5

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 6

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 7

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 8

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 10

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 11

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 12

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 13

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 14

BBP Rough Trade 5-2-15 Set List

Set List

From Nails to Thumbtacks
Monument Park
Gratitude (for Curt Flood)
Ichiro Goes to the Moon
The Day Dock Went Hunting Heads
They Don’t Know Henry
Long Before My Time
They Are the Oakland A’s
Pascual on the Perimeter
Box Scores
¡Hola America!
Panda and the Freak
Harvey Haddix
To the Veterans Committee
Ted Fucking Williams
Past Time
Buckner’s Bolero
A Boy Named Cy


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