Tonight: Andi Rae and The Back River Bullies and The Humdrums at Freddy’s Bar

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Tonight there is a fine double bill waiting for you in the back room of Freddy’s Bar, in the section of Brooklyn which is now know as Greenwood Heights.  Although Freddy’s is pretty much the only venue for music in the area, Greenwood Heights is home to several of the musicians covered here.

Taking the stage at 10pm will be Andi Rae and The Back River Bullies.  Andi Rae and the band play their original Americana and folk rock with verve and energy.  They don’t play as often as they might, so take the opportunity to see this band tonight.

Then at 11pm, Bryan Dunn will play a set with his band The Humdrums.  The Humdrums play early rock and roll.  You’ll hear songs from 1960 and before, some well known and some more obscure.  A Humdrums show is always great fun.  The band, harkening back to Danny and the Juniors, notes that rock n roll will never die as long as they are around to play it live.

Andi Rae and The Back River Bullies (10pm), The Humdrums (11pm), Freddy’s Bar,  627 5th Ave between 17th and 18th Streets, Brooklyn (R Train to Prospect Avenue), No Cover

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