Today and Tonight: Wall to Wall Cash at Symphony Space

Johnny Cash  Wall Mural

Here’s something that’s worth your while, will no doubt fit in your schedule and is absolutely free.  Wall to Wall Cash is a celebration of the music of Johnny Cash.  It’s happening at Symphony Space on the Upper West Side, runs from 4 to 11 pm, has a cast of dozens and is absolutely free (but on a first come, first served basis).

This event is split into two parts.  The first, Love and Death, will run from 4 to 7:30pm, feature Johnny Cash’s songs on those topics (Ring of Fire, Sunday Morning Coming Down, Delia’s Gone, Ain’t No Grave and more) and feature the following performers: Dayna Kurtz, Morgan O’Kane, Eric Mingus, Janine Nichols, Jason Walker, Morley, Marc Anthony Thompson, Balthrop Alabama, Sam Cohen, Marika Hughes, Plume Giant, Aja Monet, Nation Beat, LAVA and Mamie Minch.

Part 2 continues  at 7:30pm and will run until 11pm.  It’s titled Prison and The Man in Grass and features songs focused on bad deed and hard times.  This segement includes a full set from the live album At Folsom Prison, by Superhuman Hapiness, as well as bluegrass Cash and will also feature Morgan O’Kane, Marika Hughes, Parsonsfield, Howard Fishman, Alison Brown, Bruce Molsky, Michael Daves and Kat Edmonson.

Wall to Wall Cash, Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway between West 94th and West 95th Streets (1, 2 or 3 Trains to 96th Street), 4-11pm, Free

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