News and Notes: Stolen Gear and Forthcoming Music


Gear Stolen: Musician Mya Byrne has suffered the theft of much of her gear.  Here’s the info from Mya:

Sometime early Friday several amplifiers, my 2009 white MacBook, Seagate Backup Drive Plus, and several pairs of vintage cowboy boots were taken from the curb in front of 34-51 Crescent St. I am a musician and all of my compositions and song lyrics from the past six years are on this computer and backup drive. Reward offered, no questions asked.

1965 gretsch “compact reverb tremolo” amp, black tolex, Jensen speaker, single “G” on grille. 1965 “Kingston All Silicon” amp with tag on it. 70s “loco” by Aria amp. Recent fender super champ xr amp. White 2009 MacBook with “Herb and Hanson” on cover, Seagate backup drive plus.

If you know the whereabouts of any of the stolen items, contact Mya via email at tfxnb-4984287111 at

Madison Square Gardeners - 4

New Record Coming: It’s been a while since the Madison Square Gardeners have been together (the picture of them above was taken in 2010).  The band, which includes Mark Stepro, Rich Hinman, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Ramblin’ Rob Heath, Bryn Roberts and John Kenglahas been been on hiatus for about four years now, although they did record a number of songs about two years ago.  But this weekend, MSG drummer Ramblin’ Rob Heath posted on social media that the band was currently mixing songs for a new record.  Stay tuned.

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