Advance Planning: April 2015 Music Calendar Update (Added 4/19)

A show tomorrow and two more in early May.

Apr. 20 – Leave a Lasting Mark presents Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours with Jaime DeJesus, Casey Solomon, Amy Rivard, Jeff Litman, Gerry Rosenthal, John Brodeur, Samantha Feldman, Kate Steinberg, Chris Kelly, Gerianne Pérez, Mark Radcliffe, Joanna Levine, Katherine, Karen & Jen of Bobtown,
Jenn Summers, Andrea Nardello, Steven Himmelstein, Maddy Wyatt, Andi Rae Healy, Sarah Factor, Sonya Patel, Jessi Rae Waltz,  Justin Lewis and more
The Bitter End – 9:30pm

May and Beyond

May 2 – Spanking CharleneCoco66 – 8pm

May 5 – Joy AskewLiving Room – 8pm

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