Tonight: Jesse Malin and Steve Wynn and The Miracle 3 at The Bowery Ballroom

Jesse Malin AddictedI can’t remember when we’ve had such a flat out rocking double bill as we have at The Bowery Ballroom tonight.  Headlining the show will be Jesse Malin and his band.  This is the CD release show for New York Before the War, the record released about two weeks ago.  It’s only April, but this record is in the running for the Now I’ve Heard Everything Best of 2015 list.  I’ve already featured videos of two of the tracks on the album, Addicted and Oh Sheena. Check out those songs if you haven’t done so already.  I’ll add that some Now I’ve Heard Everything favorite musicians are part of Jesse’s band: Catherine Popper from Puss n Boots on bass and Michelle Casillas from Ursa Minor on keys and vocals.

Steve Wynn & Miracle 3

Supporting Jesse tonight will be Steve Wynn and The Miracle 3, the best straight ahead rock band in the known universe.  It’s been a year since they played a show in NYC.  That was their tribute to Lou Reed.  It’s been 18 months since they played a show consisting of their own songs.  And tonight, that’s exactly what they will do: their set will be drawn solely from the four Miracle 3 albums (Here Come the Miracles, Static Transmission, …tick…tick…tick and Northern Aggression).  Prepare yourself for loud, string bending, transcendent and cathartic rock!

Opening the show will be Trapper Schoepp.  I don’t know him but I’ve heard good things about him.

Jesse Malin, Steve Wynn and The Miracle 3 and Trapper Schoepp, Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey St between Chrystie Street and The Bowery (F Train to Delancey Street, J or M Trains to Essex Street or Bowery), doors 8pm / show 9pm, $20

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