Breaking: DJ Vin Scelsa Announces His Retirement


Vin Scelsa, whose career as a DJ on New York City radio spans more than 40 years announced Saturday night that he will be retiring from radio.  Vin said that his last show on WFUV will be on Saturday May 2nd, while his last show on Sirius XM will take place on Thursday April 28th.

Vin’s career has taken him around the dial.  At one time or another, he has had shows on WFMU, WABC-FM (which changed call letters to WPLJ during his stay there), WNEW-FM, WLIR, WXRK (K-Rock) and for the last 14 years, WFUV.  At each one of those stations, Vin had the same deal: he could play what he wanted, he could interview who he wanted and speak as long as he wanted, without interference from management.

Vin has said that he was the last person to be a free form DJ in radio and that after him, there would be no more.  That is clearly the case.

4 Responses to Breaking: DJ Vin Scelsa Announces His Retirement

  1. Gary says:

    Vin introduces Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes 1977

  2. Bob Cohen says:

    There are free-form DJs aplenty on WFMU. And I doubt if Vin has been on the air longer than Jonathan Schwartz.

  3. John says:

    I’m not surprised by this news. Vin has been mailing it in for the past few years. It must be a strange decision; when to retire. Yet Jonathan Schwartz still fills his show with the same nerve and enthusiasm he had when he first energy on the air. Of course, Vin’s been on the air longer. Regardless, my most memorable moments listening to the radio was with Vin.

  4. Figured it had to come sometime. Still… heartbreaking. Possibly one of the last good things about music, and maybe the thing that made me listen the most. Gonna miss you, Vin!

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