Tonight: Tripleheader at The Living Room

Humdrums Brodeur Litman Living Room

Tonight, I recommend heading over to the latest version of The Living Room over in Williamsburg.  There, at 9 pm, Bryan Dunn will play a show with his band The Humdrums.  Bryan and The Humdrums play early rock and roll and soul.  You’ll hear songs from 1960 and before, some well known and some more obscure.

When The Humdrums are done, you’ll find John Brodeur and The Human Shield at 10pm.  Although I’ve seen John play with other people many times, I have yet to see him play with his own band.  But given his musical chops, I have high expectations for him.

Finally, at 11pm, Jeff Litman will take the stage.  Jeff’s stock in trade is melodic rock and power pop, and he’ll be joined tonight by a full band.  Jeff doesn’t play often enough for my tastes, so take advantage of tonight’s opportunity to see him.

The Humdrums (9pm), John Brodeur and The Human Shield (10pm), Jeff Litman  (11pm), The Living Room, 134 Metropolitan Avenue between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue (G to Metropolitan Avenue, L to Bedford Avenue or Lorimer Street), No Cover (but a contribution for each band is highly recommended)

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