Photo Recap: From This Past Weekend’s Shows

Here are photos from four shows I saw this past weekend.

Mieka Pauley Rockwood 3-21-15

Mieka Pauley at The Rockwood Music Hall.  Mieka has been playing her emotionally direct songs there solo once a month.

Brian Dunn Rockwood 3-21-15Bryan Dunn at The Rockwood Music Hall.  Bryan played with a trio and introduced a new song, Animal Skin.

Jahn Xavier Squeezing Out Sparks Band Mercury Lounge 3-22-15

Jahn Xavier takes a turn on lead vocals at the tribute to Squeezing Out Sparks, the classic album from Graham Parker and The Rumour at The Mercury Lounge last night.  Not shown in this photo is surprise guest Steve Goulding of The Rumour who joined in on drums on the last song.

Courtney Lee Adams Jr Treehouse 3-22-15

Courtney Lee Adams Jr. and her band at Treehouse at 2A.  Less than an hour before this show, Courtney also performed a lead vocal at the Squeezing Out Sparks Tribute.

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