News and Notes: The Kings Theater Dazzles

When a friend called with an extra ticket to the Sarah McLachlin show at The Kings Theater yesterday, I said “sure, why not.”  I did not expect for the show to be stolen by the venue.

The newly renovated Kings Theater is magnificent.  I remember going to the movies during the waning days of the movie palace.  The RKO Colosseum with over 3,000 seats was a regular haunt.  So was the Loew’s Paradise, with twinkling stars in the ceiling.

But the restored Kings Theater is bigger, more opulent and grander than any theater I have ever seen.  The difference is exponential.

The restoration work is meticulous (check out the second and fourth photos below).  That is even more impressive when you realize that the Kings Theater was basically left to rot for nearly 40 years.

How is The Kings Theater as a music venue?  it’s a good one.  The sight lines are wonderful.  The sound is clean, although I will acknowledge that I did have some trouble making out Sarah’s lyrics at times.

How was Sarah?  She was fine, and her show last night was pleasant.

I’m not sure how many trips to The Kings Theater the future will hold.  But if you are ever on the fence about seeing a show there, the fact that you’ll get to see this venue should weigh your decision in favor of going.

Kings Theater 1

Kings Theater 2

Kings Theater 3

Kings Theater 4

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