Freebies: The Unofficial 2015 SXSW Torrent


How about 844 mp3s? SXSW is a festival in Austin Texas next month in which more than 2500 bands will play over five nights.  Many of those bands have made mp3s available to the public on the SXSW website, and 844 of them have been gathered together in a torrent file for your listening pleasure. You’ll find a bit of everything in this collection, and there are probably more misses than hits, but it’s a great way to discover new music.

If you don’t know what BitTorrent is or don’t have a BitTorrent client, check out the video below.  It’s a complete tutorial on how to download, install and configure uTorrent, a popular piece of software used to download torrents.

Have BitTorrent?  Ready to use it?  Then go here: Home of the (UNOFFICIAL) SXSW Torrents

2 Responses to Freebies: The Unofficial 2015 SXSW Torrent

  1. Denis Donovan says:

    Last year, I remember acquiring a link to a curated list of 100 of the best of the SXSW songs. Were you the source of that link? If so, who/what was the source of that list so I can look out for it this year. That is unless you are planning to reprint it again this year. Hope you are well, safe and snow free.

    • Eliot says:

      The list you are referring to is most likely NPR’s Austin 100. Now I’ve Heard Everything linked to it last year (and in 2013 as well). If and when the 2015 version of the Austin 100 appears, I intend to present it here. Thanks for the good wishes, but Brooklyn is anything but snow free at this point, although it’s not all that terrible.

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